If you are working and you think that you can’t apply for working tax credit, then you are definitely on a wrong side. There are specific rules designed for the deserving working people. If you are working 16 hours a week and still you are unable to meet your expenses because of a low income, then you can apply for working tax credit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working for yourself or for someone else. What matters is that besides earning you can’t meet up your expenses. So, if you are working for 16 hours a week, then this article will help you about the working tax credit policies.

If you want to receive benefits from working tax credits, then working hours matter a lot. They are a crucial part of this state benefit. The amount you will receive from this benefit basically depends upon the number of the working hours.

What if I am doing more than one job?

If you are doing more than one job, then you can add up the hours of both jobs and you will receive the amount according to the working hours. In case if every week the number of hours you work varies, then you will receive the amount depending on your average hours.

What if I am working more than 16 hours a week?

If you are working for 16 or more than 16 hours a week, but still your income is low, then you can expect certain benefits from working tax credit. Depending on your income you can apply for housing benefit. If you are taking care of a child you can apply for Child Benefit too. Your earnings are directly proportion to the amount you will receive from working tax credit.

What if I am living with my partner?

If you are living with your partner and both of you are working, but still unable to earn enough money then feel free to apply for working tax credit. Both of you are eligible and will receive the amount from working tax credit. Moreover, if you don’t have children don’t worry because you are still eligible to apply for this benefit.

Can I get working tax credit, if I am responsible for a child?

If you are responsible for a child or any young person then you need to work for at least 16 hours a week, if you are single. However, if you are living with a partner, then you need to work for up to 24 hours a week or each of you working for 16 hours a week. Couples living with children are expected to work for 16 hours each. If your child is in local care authority, then you will not get money from working tax credit.

Am I eligible for Working Tax credit if I am disabled?

Yes, you can apply for working tax credit if you are disabled. But at first you need to fulfil the certain specifications:
• You need to work at least 16 hours a week.
• Despite doing job your income is low.
• You are receiving certain benefits because of your disability.

How can I get Working Tax Credit backdated?

Receiving tax credit for a period before you apply is known as backdating. When you will be filling an application form you simply need to select the option of backdated tax credit. You do not to provide any reasons that why you are claiming so late. Moreover, you can get working tax credit backdated for a maximum of 31 days before you apply. In case of any confusion feel free to dial working tax credits contact number Uk.